A simple monthly subscription for your vehicle’s tires πŸ‘

Our mission is to redesign the tire purchasing and maintenance experience to eliminate the hassle of the traditional tire shop while creating safer roads for everyone.

Available in:

Phoenix, AZ

Austin, TX

Denver, CO

Nashville, TN

Salt Lake City, UT

Launching soon:

Houston, TX

Las Vegas, NV

Boise, ID

Seattle, WA

It's time to say good-bye to the waiting room πŸ‘‹

Let’s face it, a good set of tires is not cheap, and the current tire buying experience is a nightmare! It’s impossible to have enough time in your busy day to search online and then search all of the local tire shops to make sure you are finding the best set of tires for your car and budget. On top of that the last thing you want to do is spend hours on end waiting for your tires to get installed or arranging for rides back and forth to wherever you need to be other than a tire shop.

That’s exactly why we started Treads, we are leveraging technology to compare and evaluate all of the available tires in stock then help you schedule a convenient time for a Treads installation van to come install or rotate your tires at your location, or if you really love waiting rooms we’ll give you the option to choose a physical location in our national installer network. From there we will even track all of the miles you are putting on your tires and send you friendly scheduling reminders to get your tires rotated on time and even replaced when its time for a new set of Treads.

How it Works?

Pick your Treads

1. Pick your Treads

Simply download the Treads App, create your account, select your vehicle and we’ll help match you with the best tires πŸš—οΈ based on your vehicle and budget


2. Schedule

Easily schedule πŸ“… a convenient time for a Treads installation van to come install, rotate or repair your tires at your location or choose a physical location in our national installer network


3. Maintain

The Treads App captures your drives and miles automatically and notifies you when it is time to schedule to rotate or replace your tires – all from your phone πŸ˜€

πŸ” Check Available Tires For Your Car


Tire Rotation

To maximize tire tread life, we recommend rotating your tires every 5,000 miles or every 6 months, whatever comes first. We will also send you friendly monthly notifications to check your tire pressure this will help you stay safer on the roads and help your tires last longer.

Tire Installation

Treads provides a complete mobile tire installation experience, meaning we can install at your home, work or wherever you are. This includes installation of all 4 tires, mounting and balancing, and recycling of your old tires.


Nail or Flat Tire Repair

No one plans on having a flat tire. But when it happens, we'll be there. Our installation technicians will repair your punctured tire on-site.

Damaged Tire Replacement

No one plans on having a blown tire. But when it happens, we'll be there. Our installation technicians will replace your blown tire on-site.

Oil Change

Synthetic Blend Oil New Factory Specification Oil Filter Fluid Top Off


This is for workaround appointments

Tire Mounting

Tire Mounting,
Balancing Rotations

Vehicle Tire

Vehicle and Tire,
Recall Notifications

Wiper Blade

Wiper Blade,


Rockship Repair




Tire Storage

Brands Available:

Layer 9

And many more...

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