A simple monthly subscription for your vehicle's tires 👍

Treads is an AI-powered car management subscription designed to make car ownership more enjoyable by eliminating the hassle of car maintenance while making the roads safer for everyone. Treads has you covered for tires, alignments, oil changes, wiper blades, and even auto insurance.

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Here is how it works

In under 5 minutes, download the app, connect your car, get matched with the best tires, and schedule your install.


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Here is how much it costs




per month

+$165 installation fee




per month

+$165 installation fee




per month

+$165 installation fee




per month

+$165 installation fee

Here is what our customers are saying

Saving with Treads is simple

Treads customers save on average $679 and 16 hours over the lifespan of their tires.

Traditional tire buying is time consuming, expensive and inconvenient. It is time to change all of that.

Here is what is included

When you start your Treads subscription we’ll help match you with the best tires, just pick the subscription plan that fits your budget and schedule a Treads service partner to install your new tires.

We will send you friendly push notifications every 5,000 miles or every 6 months to schedule a Treads service partner to come rotate your tires at your home or place of business.

Couldn’t avoid that pothole, nail or piece of glass in the road? No problem, Treads will repair your tire for you. Simply open the Treads app and select Damaged Tire Repair from the service menu and we’ll be on our way to get you fixed up in no time.

If a damaged tire cannot be repaired or if your tire fails due to a puncture, bruise or break simply open the Treads app and select Damaged Tire Replacement from the service menu and we’ll be on our way to get you fixed up in no time.

We have you covered for 24/7 on-demand emergency spare tire installation, car towing, dead battery jumpstart, lockout assistance, fuel delivery, winching service, and so much more.

Check in real-time to see if your vehicle has any outstanding recall repairs. We will even help you schedule a service at the nearest qualified dealership.

Every tire we replace will be responsibly recycled. Part of our mission is to help the tire industry achieve safe and sustainable mobility for the future. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of tires through responsible end-of-life management.

To mitigate the threat of climate change, the majority of climate models agree that the world will need to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on the scale of approximately 6 gigatons of CO2 per year by 2050. That’s roughly the equivalent of the United States’ annual emissions. Treads has teamed up with Stripe Climate to help make a difference.

Here are the most common questions

Treads is the first Tire subscription service in the United States. We offer the most comprehensive end to end tire coverage providing you new tires for life, including: new tire replacements, tire repairs, full roadside assistance and even mobile tire installations and rotations, meaning that we come to you. Thanks to a transparent monthly fee, with Treads, you know exactly how much to budget to keep your car safely on the road with a complete peace of mind.

When you sign up for a Treads subscription package you’ll be able to select a brand new set of tires and schedule a mobile installation right away. When those tires reach a tread depth between 4/32″ and 3/32” and you’ve had your subscription for at least 18 months you will be eligible for a new replacement set, which will be included with your subscription package. Most States consider a tire tread depth of 2/32″ or lower legally bald.

All of the services included in the Treads subscription package you choose are covered by the monthly fee except for the new tire installation of $165.00. If you require a damaged tire replacement there would be a $25.00 per tire installation fee. This includes installation of all 4 tires, mounting and balancing, and recycling of your old tires.

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