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8 Fun Things to Do in Nashville

things to do in Nashville

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Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. One new resident moves to Music City every hour. Nashville has it all – delicious food, incredible music, and activities for every taste.

It’s no wonder it is a must-visit vacation spot for people of all ages. There is no shortage of things to see in Nashville and many things to do. Let us help you plan your itinerary!

Our guide outlines eight of the best things to do in Nashville. Whether you want to hear the best mix of new music or you are craving a day of nature, we’re covering it all!

1. Broadway

The quintessential Nashville music scene finds itself on Broadway. Stroll down the sidewalk and you will hear an array of live music. You will find yourself drawn into different bars as you weave in and out of bustling venues.

One of the most fun activities in Nashville is hearing so much music at one time. Stroll the famous strip during nighttime hours to give yourself an exciting experience.

The blinking, neon lights give you a magical feeling that makes Broadway one of the most famous tourist attractions in Nashville.

2. J.W. Marriott Rooftop

Take your visit to new heights and visit the J.W. Marriott rooftop bar. “Proof” gives you 270-degree views of downtown Nashville. Grab a cocktail and set your eyes on the expansive skyline.

Whether you are visiting with your special someone or your best friend, checking out the glittery night lights from Proof’s glassed-in bar is worth making a reservation to see for yourself. It’s a view that never gets old!

3. Arrington Vineyards

Looking for something a little less honky tonk, a little chicer? A 30-minute drive to Arrington Vineyards will take you to Nashville’s wine country. Transport into a relaxing state as you pull into the vine-filled, 95-acre property.

Walk-ins are welcome seven days a week for wine tastings, live music, and special events. Arrington Vineyards is open year-round and gives you a different view of traditional Nashville.

It is a must-visit if you love wine or if you are searching for more scenic views than the downtown skyline.

4. Cheekwood

Spread out over 55 acres, Cheekwood is a trifecta of art, nature, and community events. The botanical garden, built in 1929 as a family home, hosts happenings throughout the year.

Special art exhibits, wellness days, and an annual pooch parade are a few of their special events.

Take a stroll through the curated gardens or take a tour inside the mansion. Cheekwood was once owned by the Cheek Family, creators of Maxwell House coffee.

5. Tootsie’s

One of the most popular places to visit in Nashville is Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. Opened in 1960, the violet-painted venue is hard to miss. It was an early stage for powerhouses like Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, and Loretta Lynn.

Today, Tootsie’s is usually packed with tourists, locals, and aspiring musicians. The venue is bustling, but it is one of the most fun activities in Nashville and worth a wait to get in. Grab a seat inside or stand atop their rooftop bar.

6. Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

There is no shortage of music history and venues in Nashville. But, there is more to the city than country music. It is also home to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.

The museum is one of the best things to do in Nashville for families. Interactive, educational activities fill the 7,500-square-foot museum.
Located on Broadway, the museum is a great spot to check out when you need a break from the music jams.

The museum is an affordable activity for the whole family with tickets starting at two dollars.

7. SoundWaves

If you visit Nashville during the warmer months, a visit to SoundWaves will bring relief from the heat and a lot of fun. Located in Gaylord Opryland Resort, SoundWaves is not your average water attraction.

A 3-level indoor/outdoor facility, the 111,000 square foot upscale water park is a blast for kids and adults alike. And, it’s open all year!

Adults will love the designated adults-only area. The separated space offers seating, an infinity pool, and a bar. Rent an indoor or outdoor cabana for the day to have your own slice of paradise. There is even live music!

Kids will love the 11 waterslides, splash pads, and opportunities to surf, raft, and swim. Children of all ages have something to do from the tiniest of tots to the most adventurous teenager.

SoundWaves strongly suggests potential guests book an Experience Package. This package includes a stay at the Opryland Gaylord Resort, early arrival to SoundWaves, and daily admission to the water park.

8. Schermerhorn Symphony

The Nashville Symphony finds its home in the neo-classic Schermerhorn.
The venue hosts a variety of musical events each year. Jazz, rock, and country concerts fill their calendar and there is a concert for every taste.

Can’t catch a live performance at the Schermerhorn? Popping in to appreciate the venue’s stunning architecture and history is easy to add to your schedule, especially if you are walking.

More Things to Do in Nashville

Planning your trip to Music City is easier than ever using our guide. Get your fix of country music and find time to explore Nashville’s hidden gems. If you are still looking for more ideas, here are some honorable mentions!

If you are staying in the Nashville area for a few days, it is a day’s drive to many other close-by attractions.

The wait is long, but a stop at Hattie B’s Nashville Hot Chicken is one to cross off the bucket list. Grab a fried chicken and a side of crinkle fries to see what the hubbub is all about!

Drop by the Grand Ole Opry for a backstage tour. See the most iconic music venue behind the scenes!

If you want to take a deep dive into the history of Music City, score tickets to the Country Music Hall of Fame museum.

Put Your Boots On

With so many things to do in Nashville, you need your best pair of walking shoes. If you take a road trip, check off your car maintenance to enable a smooth arrival to your destination.

Our monthly tire subscription keeps your tires well-maintained and gets you out on the road and on to your next adventure with no worries, so be sure to check it out!

There is no question why Nashville is one of the most visited cities today. You can find the most glitzy activities to experiences that bring the rest and relaxation a vacation demands. Now, it’s time to pack your bag!

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