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5 Best Day Trips from Nashville

day trips from Nashville

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Nashville is a city of storytellers. It’s a city of dreamers. No other city in the world has tied its culture so closely to music as the Music City itself.

But did you know Nashville’s nature is just as prominent and stunning as the art that it produces?

Probably not.

With a city so renowned for its music scene, how could you know of all the beauty that lies just outside its limits?

You can pack an entire trip with wonders as you explore Nashville, but there is just as much going on outdoors. After you’ve experienced everything the Music City has to offer or even just for a one-day trip, you might look into what lies in the rest of Tennessee.

For some of the best day trips from Nashville, continue reading.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Only an hour and a half from the city, these day trips from Nashville involve exploring the world’s largest known cave system. You’ll need all the time you can get out of your day to explore over 400 miles of cavern system. The park offers 13 different tours for all ages and levels of accessibility.

Outside of the cave system, the park offers a variety of hiking, canoeing, and horseback riding. For interactive education on the area’s features, you can attend a Park Ranger hike or talk. Here you’ll learn about wildflowers, wetland ecosystems, and the park’s native birds.

While visiting Mammoth Cave National Park on your road trip from Nashville, be sure to stop by Lost River Pizza in Bowling Green for local cuisine.

Driving into Mammoth Cave National Park can be difficult on your vehicle. remember to check your tires before entering the park, and keep them maintained using the Treads App

Fall Creek Falls State Park

A one-day trip from Nashville to Fall Creek Falls State Park will involve a two-hour drive from the city. With nearly 30,000 acres of hardwood forests, gorges, and waterfalls, this is Tennessee’s most visited state park.

While visiting the park, do not miss the hike to Fall Creek Falls. At 256 feet tall, it is the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River. Other activities include nature rock climbing, golfing, and an aerial canopy challenge course.

The park is located just outside the small town of Spencer, TN. The city welcomes visitors to discover more of the region’s unique geographic features.

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

Located an hour west of Nashville near the Kentucky Lake, country music enthusiasts will love to visit Loretta Lynn’s historic ranch. Known for the hit song “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” Loretta participated in creating rough, down-to-earth country tones and is considered one of country music’s most famous artists.

The legendary country music performer provides RV and camping opportunities on the property. You can stay for the park’s notable live music, or attend one of many events held throughout the year. The park offers a list of events on its website for you to plan out your trip.

Nearby the campsites, you’ll find a replica of a western town. The attraction sits right next to the waterfall of Grist Mill. Get a feel of what it was like to grow up as Loretta. You can also find Loretta Lynn souvenirs, a western store, and a rustic-themed diner in the western town.

The property has many dirt roads. you can keep your tires up-to-date with one of Treads’ subscription plans

Rock Island State Park

If you’re looking for an opportunity to swim this summer, there may be no day trips from Nashville better than Rock Island State Park. Located an hour and a half east of the city, this is one of the best Nashville trips that feature clashing waterfalls at the convergence of three rivers.

The Park’s Caney Fork River Gorge contains deep pools of clear water for a unique opportunity to take a dip. Further along the river, you’ll find scenic overlooks and aggressive white water rapids that attract professional kayakers from all over.

This park is certainly gorgeous, but the gorges should be taken seriously. Prone to flooding, the gorge area can fill up with little notice. Be sure to take note of water levels and the timing of the Great Falls Dam, which opens periodically to create hydroelectric power. Consider taking your picnic just outside the gorge to one of the designated picnic areas.

Rock City Gardens

Just over the state line in Rock City, Georgia, you can visit the Rock City Gardens. This attraction is 2 hours and 30 minutes from Nashville, just outside the city of Chattanooga. This is one of those Tennessee trips that give you one of the best overlooks in the country.

4100 feet on top of Lookout Mountain, you have a view like none other; from the overlook, you can see 7 different states. Looking through your binoculars, you can spot areas in Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

The mountain offers other scenic views, and the city has created family-friendly attractions. You and your kids can visit the Fairyland Caverns, Mother Goose Village, and Swing-A-Long Bridge.

Of course, a visit to Rock City Gardens should also include a tour of the City of Chattanooga. The mountain city is a laid-back escape from the outdoor adventure that lies just outside.

Day Trips From Nashville

Much of Southeastern Tennessee will take you through tall cliffs and old forests. Roads will feature shills and curves like you won’t experience in the Music City. When you plan your day trips from Nashville, You’ll want to be certain that your tires and brakes are in good condition.

Check out this post to learn more about why your brakes are squeaking and what you should do about it.

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