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Why You Shouldn’t Get Car Insurance Directly From Insurance Carriers

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As more precautions lifted in the first half of 2021, drivers increased mileage by over 13% compared to the previous year. Insurance rates have steadily increased with more drivers stepping back onto the roads. You may wonder if your insurance carrier is giving you the best rate and coverage with the new year.

Before you renew your policy, check out our complete guide on why you should not go through your insurance carrier this year and how you can save money on car insurance policies.

Insurance Broker vs. Insurance Carrier

Before diving into how you can find cheap car insurance, it helps to know the difference between a broker and a carrier. An insurance broker can help you compare car insurance through multiple carriers. Once you compare different quotes, the broker will submit an application to the insurance carrier of choice.

As a plus, insurance brokers can compare multiple insurance carriers and help you find some of the best car insurance. However, some brokers charge fees, and it can take longer to get coverage.

An insurance carrier is a business that specializes in insurance coverage. In this case, it would be auto insurance.

Typically, you work directly with an agent who can help process claims and problems. They are more detail-oriented and educated on their specific coverage, and you can get coverage quickly. On the downside, you can’t compare as many prices, and it is usually more expensive with fewer options for discounts.

Online Car Insurance Quote Comparison

The benefit of an online car insurance quote comparison is that you can put in all of your information and compare quotes at your speed. Like brokers, a trusted car insurance site can help simplify car insurance with skilled agents who help locate the best deals for you. There are three main reasons you should forego buying directly through an insurance carrier and pick Treads Insurance for the best car insurance:

  • More comparisons
  • Non-biased
  • Bundle policies

With Treads, you also can shop around for free with no obligation and no hidden fees. We also hold the most up-to-date discount information. You can compare multiple coverage level quotes that ensure you have all the necessary information to decide.

1. Compare More Quotes

In 2022, auto insurance quotes are projected to increase by almost five percent. Michigan, New York, and Rhode Island topped the list as some of the most expensive states for auto insurance policies. Hawaii comes in as the cheapest at just over $800, on average.

Insurance carriers are dedicated to their brand and business. With inflation and auto insurance rates increasing, you want the best rate possible to save you money. Comparing more auto insurance quotes helps you determine where you can find the coverage you need at the most affordable price.

You could unknowingly pay hundreds of more dollars purchasing directly through a carrier.

2. Non-Biased Information

If you compare car insurance through an online service, you can rest easy knowing you won’t be swayed to a specific carrier. Experts suggest that you cross-check your auto insurance policy at the end of each policy term, during significant life changes, and if you move.

In 2022, unsafe drivers can pay almost 55% more for auto insurance, with Texas seeing the biggest jump out of all 50 states. Unfortunately, car accidents and tickets are just one point that can increase your insurance quotes.

Specific criteria can also prevent you from purchasing auto insurance through auto insurance carriers, so before you jump onto one of their sites, it is important to remember some key points that impact carrier rates:

  • Credit card scores
  • Poor driving history
  • Military involvement
  • Place of residence
  • Number of drivers and cars
  • Age

An online quote comparison can help you eliminate guesswork and company bias by providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate quotes based on your unique situation. If you have been in an accident or received a ticket, you can update your quote and consider switching carriers at the end of your policy term.

3. Bundle Policies

Sometimes, your online car insurance site can also help you bundle other insurance policies and save money. At Treads Insurance, we have multiple insurance policies that you can purchase together and avoid the hassle of shopping through separate carriers. Many people opt for different carriers for life, homeowners, and auto insurance.

In addition to the ones listed above, Treads Insurance also offers:

  • Business
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Pet
  • Event
  • Wedding

If you live along a fault line, additional insurance like earthquake coverage can cover you in extreme disasters. By choosing an online insurance comparison site, you take out the risk of high costs with multiple insurance policies. If a single carrier happens to have the lowest rate for all your insurance needs, we can bundle it together for you.

However, when you see different rates through other carriers, you can rest easy knowing you can still purchase more than one insurance coverage through various sites at the best price out there.

Find the Best Car Insurance Rate

An insurance carrier can sometimes give you higher rates and lock you into a policy that doesn’t fit your unique needs. Online car insurance comparison tools can help you search multiple carriers in one easy-to-use website that enables you to find the best price.

With insurance rates increasing each year, it has become even more critical that you find the best coverage at the most cost-friendly price. At Treads, we take the bias, limitations, and high costs for bundling out of your insurance searches.

Check out our website to get started with a new insurance policy this year!

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