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Best Mobile Auto Body Repair Phoenix

mobile auto repair phoenix

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Looking for the best mobile auto body repair in Phoenix? Then you have a lot of factors to consider.

For instance, which mobile car services are the most qualified? How can you tell if they have your tires in stock? And which companies are the most affordable?

Don’t get overwhelmed, though. The following guide makes it easy to choose the best mobile auto services in your area.

Here, you’ll learn tips on how to compare different services, make an appointment, and everything in between. Read on to learn all about choosing mobile vehicle repair.

Top Mobile Auto Body Repair Services in Phoenix

1. Fastback Mobile AutoBody Repair

Fastback Mobile AutoBody Repair has only positive reviews on Google. They are praised for their unbelievably quick service, professionalism, and honest pricing. Also, customers who have used this service are amazed at the quality of the repairs performed.

One happy patron states, “He was able to get me scheduled within a couple days of the damage and completed his work quickly and very professionally. His rates were extremely competitive, there were no hidden fees and absolutely no haggling over price. His work speaks for itself.”

You can view galleries and testimonials of Fastback’s work on their website. The website doesn’t list pricing information but it allows you to request a quote for service.

2. Arizona Mobile Touch-Up

For bumper repairs and fast repainting, consider Arizona Mobile Touch-Up Inc. They have mostly positive reviews and are known for their speed and excellent communication. They’re also praised for their flawless scratch repair and color matching of your car’s paint.

As one customer puts it, “Nico’s initial repair quote & subsequent scheduling follow up was professional and prompt. Eddie, the owner/operator, personally contacted me with progress updates and ensured that everything was completed within the estimated timeframe. The price and quality of the repair was very good.”

For pricing information, request an estimate from their website.

3. Zavala’s Mobile Tire Service

Zavala’s Mobile Tire Service is available 24 hours a day and has a very high rating after more than 150 customer reviews. They are extremely helpful if you experience a tire blowout in the middle of the night.

Their customer reviews are literally a collection of dramatic highway rescue stories. When drivers are stranded, Zavala’s swoops in and saves the day.

For instance, “I’m so happy with the service! They finished at 12 am—brake pads, oil change & new tire after I blew mine on the highway. It was a late call but they responded & still made their way to me.”

Visit their website to request an estimate or view their gallery.

Important Things to Consider

1. Plan Ahead

The worst thing you can do is to rush into this decision because you didn’t plan ahead. This is a sure way to end up with an inferior or dishonest car service. To avoid this, don’t wait until you need the service before you choose. Take the time now to make a carefully-researched decision.

2. Compare Reviews of Mobile Car Services

Head to Google and search locally for mobile vehicle repair services. Compare their user ratings and compile a list of the services that look the most promising. Next, read the actual comments left by customers. Some customers give low scores over very petty concerns. You can disregard these.

Watch out for repetitive complaints. If several customers mention the same issue, it’s probably true.

Some devious companies may falsify reviews to trash their competitors while praising their own companies. A common sign of fake reviews is that they’re very vague. Furthermore, see if the Better Business Bureau or the Consumer Reports website has anything to say about the services you’re considering.

3. Ask About Service Areas

Never assume that you’re within a certain mobile repair company’s service area. They might only serve one small section of your city due to licensing restrictions or other issues.

Alternatively, there might be substantial fees involved if you are too far away from their business. Always call and ask, just to be sure.

4. Ask About Pricing

While you have the mobile auto repair service on the phone, ask them about their pricing. Make sure you find out about any taxes or hidden fees that might greatly increase the final price.

5. Make Sure They Are Licensed

You’d be surprised how often contractors offer their services even though they have lost their license to do so. Unlicensed contractors should not be trusted. And any work performed by them is illegal.

You can check the license of any mobile auto body repair in Phoenix, AZ by going here. Other states have their own websites for this.

When it Comes to Mobile Tire Service—Get the Treads App

As an alternative, the Treads app makes all of these steps much easier. More accurately, it does all these steps for you!

First, the app helps you find the ideal tire service near you. Then, with a monthly subscription, you get alerts on how often you need service and which companies have your tires in stock. Finally, Tread helps you schedule your appointment.

Learn more about the Treads app on our FAQ page.

Don’t forget this guide. Bookmark this page and use these tips to choose the best mobile auto body repair in Phoenix.

Remember: mobile auto repair is the only convenient way to service your vehicle. Soon, it will be the new standard.

And that’s precisely why you should consider a mobile tire subscription service like Treads. Subscribe monthly for as little as $10/month.

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