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What’s It Like Selling a Car to Carvana?

selling a car to Carvana

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Are you in the market for a used car that’s in great condition? Do you want to use a streamlined service to purchase your new car? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about Carvana. Read on for an in-depth guide that answers all of the most common questions that surround Carvana.

What’s It Like Selling a Car to Carvana?

We all know that the Carvana experience is notorious for its quick and easy car buying process, but some people don’t realize that you can use it to sell your car as well.

But what is that like? Is it too complex? The good news is that Carvana offers you a quicker way to sell or trade-in your current vehicle.

First, you’ll begin by receiving a quote from them. Simply visit Carvana.com and explain a few details about the car you’re interested in selling.

After providing that information, you will receive an offer right then and there. That offer is good for a full week after you receive it but take note: it is their no-haggle price.

Should you decide to continue with this process, the next stage would be to schedule for Carvana to pick up your car.

This process is completely contact-free and requires no extra fees on your end. They’ll pay you for your car upon pickup, either by check or direct deposit (whichever you prefer).

If you want to trade in your car for one in their inventory, then they will simply swap it out when they go to drop off your new car. They’ll pick it up either way!

How Does Carvana Pay You for Your Car?

This is an easy one! When you sell your car to Carvana, they’ll give you the option to either be compensated by check or direct deposit.

Either way, you will be compensated once they arrive at your doorstep to pick up your vehicle.

If you’re trading it in, they will still pick up your current car and have your new car waiting to be driven home.

For those of you that have a new car,  you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping up with its tire needs.

Did you know that getting new tires or rotating them frequently can give your car better gas mileage?

That’s just one of the many perks, as tires can also increase your vehicle’s performance, boost your safety as you drive, and provide a quieter cabin while you’re driving.

That’s why the Treads app is such a necessity. We can help you keep up with your car’s tire needs by tracking your mileage and reminding you when it’s time to rotate them or replace them.

If you need to swap them out, we’ll scour the marketplace to find a set that will give you the highest return on your investment; then, we’ll come to your house and install them for you!

Will Carvana Buy My Car if I Owe on it?

Some of you out there might be worried that Carvana won’t purchase your car if you currently owe on it. What is Carvana willing to do to help you out?

The short answer is yes, they will buy your car, and Carvana has an exceptional program for these types of situations.

They even offer solutions for negative equity. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s when your car’s value is less than the amount you still owe on the car.

If you have negative equity, then Carvana will offer to help you trade in your current vehicle for a new one, then help you pay off your new car loan by up to $2,500.

Do I Need to Clean My Car Before Selling to Carvana?

No, you do not. What a relief, right? Carvana is adamant that their clients need not perform extra work when selling or trading in their cars.

All they ask is that you make sure all of your possessions are out of the car when they go to pick it up. Getting those items back after they drive away can be a painful process.

Look at it this way: Carvana will want to detail the interior and exterior of your car anyways; why bother with doing it yourself?

How Long Does the Process Take?

This answer is a bit more tricky. It depends on your situation and the different aspects that need to be addressed.

Technically, the entire process could take as little as one day to complete. You could sell it on their site within minutes and schedule to have it picked up the same day.

Of course, if you have things like negative equity that need to be addressed, then it might take a few more days to hash things out with their customer service team.

This offers an incredible value for those of you that are in a pinch. If you need to get your hands on some cash quickly, then Carvana could be your opportunity.


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