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8 Innovative Automotive Startups That are Changing the Industry

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Reuters reported in August 2021 that President Biden has a goal of having half the auto fleet in the U.S. go electric by 2030. This, in combination with other factors in supply chain and industry have turned a lot of eyes towards several automotive startups.

1. Carvana

People often become passionate about giving your advice about how to handle a dealership. Or, in some cases, they present you with no-hassle businesses that don’t give a hard sell.

Carvana wants to blow the entire dynamic apart and offer car buyers a no-haggle experience. Additionally, you can avoid annoying fees for tasks like filling your new vehicle with gas. Their famous vending machines scatter across the U.S., but they’re limited to major cities currently.fffffffffff

2. Workhorse

There appears to be no bottom to the need for trucks in the U.S. The demand remains strong, and Workhorse focuses on the emerging electric market. They offer a compelling alternative to the Tesla Cybertruck, for example.

Workhorse enjoys renewed attention from investors for several crucial reasons. First, new investments into electric vehicles are a priority for the Biden administration. Purchases by the federal government alone could bring a significant boost to the companies they choose.

3. Turo

Turo’s claim to fame is that it’s a robust peer-to-peer car-sharing app. As a result, it hopes to cause the same disruptions in this industry that Airbnb created in hospitality.

If they succeed, they could change the way that people think about car ownership and rentals. People that own a truck without a reason to use it daily could benefit from renting it out to people moving in their neighborhood. Or, if you need a large van for your family during a vacation, you can find the ride you desperately need.

4. Waymo

Waymo is a subsidiary of Google, and it could change how we ride in vehicles forever. They’re also at the forefront of one of the most popular automotive industry trends.

As opposed to producing its own vehicle, this company focuses on its software. If they succeed in their efforts, they hope to launch a fleet of automated vehicles.

As of 2021, their only presence is a pilot program operating out of Arizona. However, a fatal crash in 2019 set their efforts back significantly.

Since that unfortunate incident, they have refocused their efforts toward improving safety with their software as well. Phoenix residents may see them as an annoyance, but their place in the future of transportation could be significant.

5. Eve Autonomy

While you won’t see their vehicles on the open road, Even Autonomy may change how factories work in the future.

This Japanese company hopes to create the software necessary to make automated factory vehicles. Whether they need to work indoors or outdoors, they can offer streamlined transportation at a much smaller investment level.

According to a press release from September 2021, preorders for their autonomous vehicles opened in Japan. If the future plays out as they hope, they could have significant orders from Amazon and other mega-corporations.

6. Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors is an American automotive startup that hopes to reimagine luxury cars.

These electric vehicles boast a 520-mile range on a full charge, according to their website. Additionally, the Lucid Air model measures its maximum power as 1,111 horsepower. Considering that data, they appear to be at the forefront of the latest EV developments.

For comparison, the maximum range for a Tesla is 402 miles. While that may be enough for a day trip from Seattle, having over 500 miles gives more peace of mind. Add in the luxury components, and Lucid Motors may position itself as the high-class car of the future.

7. Bollinger Motors

Bollinger Motors has the ambitious goal of creating the best Class 3 electric trucks in the world. If they succeed, you may see their 4×4 trucks and SUVs quite soon. By design, they’re going to be out on the road and off-road conditions as well.

From a distance, you could forgive yourself for thinking that a Bollinger Motor vehicle is a Jeep. However, their designs and well-thought-out features stand out from a crowd of European car startups. It also comes with the smart car features drivers will expect for the initial price tag.

With any luck in their endeavors, they may catch the eye of private and commercial consumers.

8. Treads

Treads is a service that will change the way that you think about tire maintenance. From a convenient app, it can give you crucial information and schedule tasks like tire rotations.

Got a punctured or flat tire? Treads is there to save the day with a service that comes to you.

Is it time to replace those balding tires for winter? This company will send a van to your location and replace them on the spot.

If you want to check off a crucial part of your car maintenance checklist, Treads is the option to choose right now.

Why Automotive Startups Matter

Whether they’re focused on the commercial or retail marketplace, these automotive startups want to change how we drive. In many cases, advances in software and technology take center stage. Consequently, the companies that manage to marry the two have something truly unique to offer.

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