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The 8 Best Day Trips From Seattle

Day Trips From Seattle

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If you live in Seattle, it can be fun to plan a few one-day getaways. These are a great way for you to get out of the city for a bit and explore your area!

To help you plan day trips from Seattle that the whole family will love, we’ve put together a quick guide on some of our favorite locations. Let’s jump into 8 of the best day trips from Seattle that will leave the whole family smiling.

1. Sol Duc Valley

One of the first scenic day trips from Seattle on our list is to visit the Sol Duc Valley. This area is located in Olympic National Park and is a great place for outdoorsmen and nature lovers to visit.

While in the valley, you can head to the Sol Duc hot springs. This gorgeous spot is located between evergreen trees and includes three different mineral pools that you can bask in. Keep in mind that the temperatures fluctuate depending on the season.

Another great spot to visit while in the Sol Duc Valley is the Sol Duc Falls. This gorgeous spot can be found after a short, 1.6-mile hike along relatively flat ground.

Because the park is located only about 30 miles outside of Seattle, it’s a great choice for a day trip away from the city. And, you can visit in just about any season so it’s easy to plan for!

2. Skagit Valley

Another unique spot to visit outside of Seattle is Skagit Valley. This valley is a beautiful area that’s famous for its springtime Tulip Festival featuring art, music, and other events.

Apart from its annual Tulip Festival, the area also offers great opportunities for you to spot some wildlife. This area is home to a blue heron nesting spot along the shoreline, providing bird-lovers with a fun opportunity to go birding.

To get to this valley, all you’ll need to do is head north of the city from Seattle. The trip takes about an hour to complete, so be prepared to be in the car for a little while.

3. Tacoma

If you’re wanting to take day trips from Seattle in the Winter, Tacoma is a great place to go. This little town is about 40 minutes South of Seattle and offers plenty of museums for you to check out.

You can head to the Museum of Glass to see stunning modern art pieces or you can head to America’s Car Museum to take a look at classic cars. Or, you can walk through the free botanical garden and take in the greenery.

4. Leavenworth

If you love history, Leavenworth is a great spot to visit. This Bavarian-style town has an old-town charm that draws in tourists from all over the country. And, it’s only two and a half hours outside of Seattle, making it a nearby spot to visit.

You can choose to take a horse-drawn carriage through the town, check out the wineries and restaurants, or get active on Lake Wenatchee. No matter what it is you enjoy doing, there’s something for everyone in Leavenworth.

5. Vashon Island

If you feel like taking ferry day trips from Seattle, Vashon Island is the place to go. This spot is an hour from Seattle and is a great place to hit the beach, tour an art gallery, or sip on a glass of wine.

The island is famous for Point Robinson, where you can check out a historic lighthouse and enjoy a visit to the marine conservatory. You can even take tours of these areas to learn a little more.

6. Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls can be found 29 miles outside of Seattle and is a stunning place to head out to for a day. The falls drop a stunning 270 feet, making it a beautiful site to take in.

On top of that, the surrounding area was featured in the television series Twin Peaks. If you loved the TV show, you can take a themed tour of the surrounding town!

7. Bainbridge Island

Another great place for water-lovers to visit is Bainbridge Island. This island can be reached by ferry, and only takes 35 minutes to get to when leaving from the downtown port.

On this delightful island, you’ll be able to see the beautiful gardens at Bloedel Reserve. This is a huge 150-acre park that features stunning plant sculptures.

You can also enjoy a wide range of ethnic cuisine and some tasty coffee from the local cafés. Or, you can head to one of the island’s boutiques and pick out a new outfit. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll love a day trip to Bainbridge Island.

8. Mount Rainier National Park

No one can say they live in Seattle if they haven’t been out to Mt. Rainier National Park. And, to take a Mt. Rainier day trip from Seattle, you only need to drive for a few hours and pay a $30 vehicle admission fee.

At the park, you can visit the Nisqually Glacier and Mount Rainier. Plus, you can enjoy the many hiking trails and campsites in the area. If you’re visiting in the winter, you’ll enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, and snowshoe walks.

Remember to make sure you have all-season tires on your car if you head to this spot. At the higher altitudes, it’s not uncommon to find snow on the roads, especially during the winter.

Plan Amazing Day Trips from Seattle

With this guide to the best day trips from Seattle, you’re ready to plan a getaway. It’s time to hop in the car and get ready to explore your area for a few hours!

Speaking of the car, to get out on the road you’ll need to make sure your tires are in mint condition. Give us a call at Treads, and we’ll get you set up with a set of tires that gets you to your destination without a hitch.

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